I could not resist setting up shop for my daughter, whose 3rd nick name is CC (aside from Pooh Bear and a shorter version of her name). She is mucho creative-o! A craft genius in fact! I believe she’s going to be an inventer when she grows up. She makes things I am incapable of and couldn’t even come up with, a true artist! I just wanted to share her passions, and of course she didn’t want to miss the opportunity to as well! Don’t be afraid to give this littlest craft star some props and comment her! (Just don’t blow up her head too big, we don’t need to start any craft wars in our home)   :O>

Peas in a “Duct Tape” Pod

CC made a fancy duct tape pod for her precious little peas, in their color, […]

Fancy Duct Tape Purse

  This looks so elegant to me, with the black on white lace and Granny […]

Duct Tape Extravaganza

From duct tape cases, to wallets to bows, it just keeps on getting more and […]

Brace Yourself for these Duct Tape Bracelets

Wow!  What can I say?  These are aaaaawesome and so vibrant, and the texture and […]

Duct Tape Interlaced Style

These are awesome!  I’m not sure if they are wallets or coasters/cup holders, but I’m […]

Writers, Inc. gets Writer’s Ink

  Awww! These are so cute and awesome!  CC has skills! Now I just have […]

Flowers, Rhinestones and Glass, Oh My!

  Adding rhinestones on frames and glass in unique designer detail seems to give decor […]

Everything that Glitters, Isn’t Gold! (Sometimes It’s Pink)

  Everything that Glitters, Isn’t Gold! (Sometimes It’s Pink) You have to love her design […]

Duct Tape Re-Upholstery

Duct Tape Re-Upholstery This is a classic take on pink.  Duct Tape is an easy […]

Duct Tape Addition: The Box Purse

CC crafted an awesome recyclable and functional duct tape box purse!  Cute, colorful and you […]