I could not resist setting up shop for my daughter, whose 3rd nick name is CC (aside from Pooh Bear and a shorter version of her name). She is mucho creative-o! A craft genius in fact! I believe she’s going to be an inventer when she grows up. She makes things I am incapable of and couldn’t even come up with, a true artist! I just wanted to share her passions, and of course she didn’t want to miss the opportunity to as well! Don’t be afraid to give this littlest craft star some props and comment her! (Just don’t blow up her head too big, we don’t need to start any craft wars in our home)   :O>

Rubber Band Bracelets & Duct Tape Display Board

Check out CC’s Rubber Band Bracelets & Duct Tape Display Board!  She created the bracelets […]

Bulletin Board Makeover

I completed this art project for my daughter, since she loved using stick pins.  I […]

Duct Tape Mania: Part 12

This is another hommage to CC’s beloved I-Phone, another case she created after watching a […]

Duct Tape Mania: Part 11

CC added duct tape to an old lamp I purchased from Goodwill long ago to […]

Duct Tape Mania: Part 10

I know, I know, you’re asking when is the Duct Tape Mania series going to […]

Duct Tape Mania: Part 9

This is the 2nd desk CC duct taped designed and newly inherited, since I had […]

Duct Tape Mania: Part 8

This is one of the 2 desks CC duct tape designed, I love this one, […]

Duct Tape Mania: Part 7

What Duct Tape Mania series would be complete, if you didn’t duct tape your notebooks […]

Duct Tape Mania: Part 6

All I could say was “WOW!”  CC watched a tutorial on You Tube about making an I-Phone […]

Duct Tape Mania: Part 5

CC duct taped her mini stool and an old night stand she inherited from her […]