I could not resist setting up shop for my daughter, whose 3rd nick name is CC (aside from Pooh Bear and a shorter version of her name). She is mucho creative-o! A craft genius in fact! I believe she’s going to be an inventer when she grows up. She makes things I am incapable of and couldn’t even come up with, a true artist! I just wanted to share her passions, and of course she didn’t want to miss the opportunity to as well! Don’t be afraid to give this littlest craft star some props and comment her! (Just don’t blow up her head too big, we don’t need to start any craft wars in our home)   :O>

Pipe Cleaner Crafts

CC’s pipe cleaner crafts are premiered above, and demonstrate great architectural skill!

Emma & Ethan Sock Monkeys

My daughter named them and decorated Emma… They were the first ever monkeys that I […]

Emma The Sock Monkey

My daughter pimped out this sock monkey and named her Emma…. What inspired this creation?  […]

The Secret Drawer Fairy Garden

  What inspired this creation?  It’s not that I believe in or even admit or […]

Kitty Klaus

This is another genius creation from my daughter, who embellished a newspaper clipping… We can’t […]

Snow Fight

My daughter created this ornament by cutting out a picture from a newspaper… and adding […]

Sailor Hats & Ninja Stars Transformed

        I was wowed by this one.  After my daughter made several […]

Gift Box Pinata

Making a pinata doesn’t get any easier than this.  Simply take a box and some […]

Gizmo Gets Pants

I exposed my kid to the finer things in life, like the movie “Gremlins”, so […]

Beads & Fabric

Good old fashioned beads and fabric… need I say more?  Awesome…