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This page features astounding garden artists and Plantlantians (those who love plants, gardening and art), their inspiration, their advice to fellow gardeners, where one can view and purchase their products and everything in between.  To view these featured Plantlantians , simply click on the topic or image block that you wish to view.  If you are interested in being a featured artist on PLANTLANTIS, please do inquire Here. Thanks. 


Name: Jason Watkins Location: Portland, OR, Astrological Sign: Libra Website: Shop:   How did […]

FEATURED ARTIST: Blue Mallard (Sarah)

Name: Blue Mallard (Etsy Store by Sarah) Location: Chaplin, CT Website: How did you […]

FEATURED ARTIST:Chandra Hartman (Moonlight Micro Farm)

   Name: Chandra Hartman Location: Panama City Beach, FL Astrological Sign: Leo Websites: […]

FEATURED ARTIST: Katerina (Magic Greek Garden)

   Tell me a little about yourself… My name is Katerina, born and raised in […]

FEATURED ARTIST: Kari Chittenden (Kari Beads)

   Tell me a little about yourself… Hi Maryanne! My name is Kari Chittenden and […]

FEATURED ARTIST: ThinkEco2 (Jules Lavallee & Brian Behncke)

   Jules Lavallee and Brian Behncke, Founders of ThinkEco² , San Diego, CA Shop:  […]

FEATURED ARTIST: Paula & Chris Jeanniton

   Name: Paula and Chris Jeanniton Location: Newark Valley, NY Astrological Sign: Gemini and Cancer […]

FEATURED ARTIST: eGarden Studio (Ben & Glenda)

Name: Ben and Glenda Location: Seattle, WA Website: How did you get involved with […]

FEATURED ARTIST: Garden Bon Bons (Anne Dowell)

Anne Dowell, Seattle, WA Shop: Garden Bon Bons Astrological sign: Taurus Websites: and […]

FEATURED ARTIST: The Gifted Tomato (Nicky Thomas)

Nicky Thomas, Carmel Valley, CA  Shop: The Gifted Tomato Website: How did you get […]