Craftlantis is a work in progress, but quickly progressing, with a goal and a timeline to be fully functional and operable, to give viewers deeper insight into not only the ploy and mindset of an artist, but the witticism to understand the artist’s art better, and thus to enjoy it and love it on a deeper level.  Get up close and personal with artists of every genre and facet, from drawings, sketches, paintings, recycled art, cultural and universal art, dolls, sculpture, food, gardening and soon music and eventually Craftlantis will span into the literary arts, so it is all encompassing.

Why Craftlantis?

I asked myself the same question.  I was settling on Craftopolis, but somehow the idea of the lost city of Atlantis sparked more curiosity and an air of mystery that could somehow correlate to or be a metaphor for my crafts…  All in all, it’s just a catchy and hopefully memorable name…


What is Craftlantis?

Craftlantis is A Picturesque Craft Blog featuring the Lost City Of Crafts…real or imaginary, you decide…  Some of the various genres to be found on this site include the following:


·        Art

·        Gardening

·        Clay Sculpture

·        Crochet

·        Food

·        Geek Crafts

·        Holiday/Seasonal Crafts

·        Painting

·        Paper Crafts

·        Sewing Crafts

·        Crafts for Wedding & Baby


This blog started out as a blog for my crafts, but since I’ve gained more and more external interest from fellow crafters and artists, I decided to make it a “Featured Artists” blog site primarily, which features astounding Artists and Crafters and their links and where you can purchase, view or inquire about their works.  If you are an artist or crafter and are interested in being featured on my site, please contact me. 

Their stories and art are inspiring and fascinating.  Don’t hesitate to read more about what inspired them and their future endeavors and where you can purchase or view their work.  And if you are creative as well, don’t hesitate to get featured on this site. 


The “Mini Me” Page features my beloved’s art work since she loves to craft and is great at it.


The “Printables” Page offers free downloadable craft instructions, e-books and the like, or freebies for the taking. More coming soon…


The “Shop” Page, is currently under construction.  The links work, however, my shops aren’t up and running quite yet, pending a packaging plan, and me finishing up several projects under my belt.  However, if there is something you’d be interested in purchasing, by all means, I can do custom work, feel free to contact me. 

More pages are coming soon… 


Who am I?


 The name is Maryanne, self-published author, poet, and playwright, currently an admin assistant for Uncle Sam and a mother and wife, as is typical –I suppose, for the standard craft mom blogger types.  But I hope not to be typical.  I’m a military brat and disabled veteran, who has had the opportunity to travel to some beautiful places: Venice, Italy, Paris, France, London, England, Phuket, Thailand, Cairns, Australia, Berchtesgaden, Holland, Switzerland, Bahrain United Arab Emirates, Singapore and lived in West Germany and Guam for a quick spell.   I am a Virgo and have a BA in English & Masters in Business Management; I absolutely love spaghetti (without the meatballs) and I love R&B music.  I’m a southern girl living in Cali…


 What spawned my creativity and love of crafting? 


 I used to want to be an artist when I was younger, after I got over wanting to be a farmer…but I guess not really…  Something in you, whether you want to admit it or not, still wants to pursue your childhood dreams…  You just happen to develop some common sense at a certain age or finally adopt your parents point of view , who always told you that you have to make a  decent living or that there’s no money making in your desired endeavors (a.k.a. pipe dreams –what I call “pure” or unincorporated) …


 I absolutely loved drawing and crafting from a young age and actually got awards for my art work and became popular in it in the 2nd grade, Mrs. Snell’s class.  My Grandmother taught me how to crochet at the age of 8, and it stuck with me.  As time went on however, I fell in love with poetry and abandoned arts and crafts to write.    However, when I found out I was pregnant I picked crafting back up with the start of scrapbooking my daughter’s baby book, and gradually progressed. 


I find crafting the greatest stress relief of all time and if I could make a living at it, I would…so I decided to start this blog as an attempt at viral marketing, and to spread my love of crafting to all who seek to find it… (hence, the name… Craftlantis, the lost city of crafts…)























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