Peas in a “Duct Tape” Pod

CC made a fancy duct tape pod for her precious little peas, in their color, […]

Fancy Duct Tape Purse

  This looks so elegant to me, with the black on white lace and Granny […]

Duct Tape Extravaganza

From duct tape cases, to wallets to bows, it just keeps on getting more and […]

Brace Yourself for these Duct Tape Bracelets

Wow!  What can I say?  These are aaaaawesome and so vibrant, and the texture and […]

Duct Tape Interlaced Style

These are awesome!  I’m not sure if they are wallets or coasters/cup holders, but I’m […]

Writers, Inc. gets Writer’s Ink

  Awww! These are so cute and awesome!  CC has skills! Now I just have […]

Flowers, Rhinestones and Glass, Oh My!

  Adding rhinestones on frames and glass in unique designer detail seems to give decor […]

Everything that Glitters, Isn’t Gold! (Sometimes It’s Pink)

  Everything that Glitters, Isn’t Gold! (Sometimes It’s Pink) You have to love her design […]

Duct Tape Bow Pens

Who says bows are just for your hair?  Put them atop a pen duct tape style […]

Duct Tape Floral Pens

These are duct tape floral pens, featuring lip smooching/kissing duct tape, flying pig duct tape […]